Is ClickBank Scam Or Legit

There’s a slight possibility that when you’re choosing products through affiliate marketing, the more likely you will have heard of Clickbank. Even though thought to be among the more prominent online platforms, many other factors you should take into consideration.

For many years, Clickbank has been one of the go-to affiliate networks. The attraction, in the main, enveloped around the connection between product sellers and affiliate marketers, including a sizable number of resources and membership offerings teaching the “How To”, obtain the best result from Clickbank as a member or vendor.

Nevertheless, there have been inherent problems that have caused headaches and issues that have bugged Clickbank;

So, I’m going to unearth whether or not Clickbank is a legitimate platform, or it’s a scam.

The Central Point of Consideration

Can you TRUST Clickbank being a legitimate marketplace for affiliate marketers? Subject to the various sources, it could go either way, because, some believe it’s a fantastic platform, while others think it a complete waste of time.

Clickbank began its operating platform in 1998, and soon after established a brand and reputation as a popular online forum in securing trust from many merchants and affiliates.

Fast forward into the early 2000s. Clickbank was unreservedly the most prolific digital product network; and, that hasn’t changed, because today even, it’s still a dominant platform.

Through that period and of the following few years, pretty much all marketing of product information started to gain momentum and consequently gathered immense popularity. However, early on the thought of paying to collect data was generally the domain of educational institutions, ie. Universities colleges or schools.

Rolling on a few years, the average Joe worked out there is an opportunity where such information could be packaged into a bundle and sold online. That is pretty much the self explosion in popularity of Clickbank; Very soon, there was a variety of products popping up, including software products.

Nonetheless, that bottomed out for three or four years before there was an all-mighty eruption in products finding it’s a way to the online arena, and more predominately on the Clickbank platform.

In Spite of the Popularity of ClickBank

It’s worth distinguishing, Clickbank, and products sold through Clickbank. Generally, there’s nothing fundamentally flawed with the marketplace, nor their screening process concerning vendor products, and the processing of refund requests from an outside observational point of view.

The central point that does, however, raise a concern are the products sold through the Clickbank Marketplace.

It’s reasonable to suggest deciding which to trust can be very challenging, given a number of these products are either suspect or borderline type that fits into the scam category.

Even so, promoting Clickbank products can be a prevalent option for all affiliates, with the extensive array of products, based around the teaching concepts, with many thousands of other topical interests.

It is not surprising why so many marketers gravitate toward promoting within the Clickbank platform, as the commission per sale is a very attractive drawcard.

A vast majority of products are in the digital format, i.e. guides on how to – large assortment of books, videos and tutorials, to name a few. Merchants offering these types of products have significantly low production costs, allowing them to provide commissions around 60/75% to the affiliate, yet, still, make a handsome profit themselves.


The owners of digital products, who use the Clickbank platform in preference of trying to promote their lines independently. Using Clickbank provides them with the ability to tap into the many thousands of affiliates to do the same job as themselves, but, on a much larger scale.

Non-Functioning Merchants

Once again, this may sound strange, yet accurate, Clickbank has no tracking mechanisms once a merchant becomes accepted into their platform. Such is the concern, you as an affiliate could be promoting a product, when in fact, that particular merchant no longer is in operation.

Once a merchant gets the approval, there is no way Clickbank can alert you if the merchant has been removed or ceased operation with Clickbank. A dangerous precedent engineered by Clickbank.

Concerns An Affiliate Needs To Think Through

There are specific regulations and standards stipulated in Clickbank’s “accountant help page”, that make it extremely difficult for some affiliates to receive their commission.

You must create a minimum of five sales with two different forms of payment before Clickbank honours your commissions; and, that is just the tip of the iceberg.Smar Business Decisions

Let’s assume, you have a credit with Clickbank, around $75, and, you’re not able to manage any sales for 90 days. Clickbank will deduct one dollar a day, 180 days, five dollars a day. Worse still, if you have no activity for one year fifty dollars a day until your commission draws down to zero balance.

Fortunately, there are no fees if your account has a zero balance.

Those affiliates, who haven’t reached a consistent monthly income, seems to me as being taken advantage of, mainly if they are new to the understanding of affiliate marketing.

I suppose there could be an argument mounted on the grounds; those who earnestly and consistently promote will make regular sales. On that basis, they wouldn’t have a problem with the rule.

None the less, fear will always be of a concern, because, it would be an issue should your sales begin drying up; then the rule would come into play.

As quantified by Clickbank, the rule is there to stop fraud; So, I will leave it to you, to form your own opinion. Not that I agree with such an impost on the affiliate.

Before starting any affiliate campaigns with the Clickbank platform, formularise yourself way before starting.

So, indeed, not all good with Clickbank.

Is Clickbank A User-Friendly Network

Despite that, their network is user-friendly. I suppose the enticement comes from not having to get approved for all affiliate programs; Plus, as I said earlier, their commission structure is attractive.

That Now Leads Me To What Are The Clickbank Downfalls

It’s no secret that a few years back refunds escalated so quickly that they went out of control. I’m uncertain whether

Clickbank intentionally or unintentionally permitted some dominant chiselers onto their platform, who whisked out digital products thick and fast.

The extraordinary thing about all of this, Clickbank were propping up these schemers by enabling them to sell a variety of one-time-only offers within their sales campaigns. And with no surprise, it worked. To the average buyer, it came across as a low ticket item.

After buying, they then were getting pressured into an upsell tallying into sizable amounts of money; Such was the scheme that there were plenty of unhappy people. So much so, it caused lots of buyers, contacting Clickbank, and demanding a refund.

Don't Count Your Money Until The Game Is Over

Clickbank Refunds

Clickbank was very liberal with dishing out refunds and to a point where it was hurting affiliates financially. For example, affiliates marketers, in all probability, were subsidising traffic as akin to (PPC) pay per click for items that were not adequate to the required satisfaction of the customer. Ramifications wrecked the affiliate because of the constant loss of money; so, they left Clickbank and looked for greener pastures.

Products With “Get Rich Quick” Signs Written All Over Them

Strangely, yet not surprising, many of such schemes tend to promote the Clickbank platform, on how to make money.

With such a large number of these iffy products, over time practices of this nature could tarnish their reputation.

Given they have a very liberal 60-day money-back assurance.

Finally, Clickbank has begun ousting products that aren’t performing to the level required, and, those with a high refund ratio.

Given, it’s a positive step in the right direction, and it’s freeing itself of those chiselers who, have in the past been shovelling their rubbish on this platform. They have moved those cunning individuals, (chiselers) into searching other platforms where they can bend the rules to suit their ends.

The action initiated by Clickbank appears to have given them a rebound effect. Clearly, they are now showing signs the platform is gradually showing some positive indications of a more trusted site.

Despite that, a critical issue relating to the way they are conducting and operating as a business remains — more on that following.

ClickBank Restoring Faith With Affiliates

Without a doubt, recovery has shown positive signs with Clickbank, restoring a much higher quality standard toward their network since. However, the effectiveness of their operating as a business continues to hover over the system.

Why Is That?

Merchants traffic leveraging by Clickbank. If, by looking back in the early stages of Clickbank, a considerable chunk of their fortune was forthcoming from a defined component of specific products, in the make money online and online business crowd.

Let’s assume, for a moment that is was from drop shippers, or, a keyword research programme or maybe ebooks on how to make money online. These particular categories were driving a substantial revenue base toward Clickbank.

During that period, the then affiliate marketers demonstrated gravitation toward Clickbank as being one of the better networks for conducting online business.


Fast forward a few years, Clickbank went through a name change to, “Clickbank University.” Although I am a passive member, I’ve never activated my account. Mainly it had to do with the demoralising influence it would have in trying to become a success in the online marketing world.

The main hiccup to me, Clickbank, will promote a component product to the same bodies that I have referred to their network. So why would I want to send traffic there? If nothing else, to me, this doesn’t make commercial sense.

Conducting an affiliate platform on this type of cornerstone doesn’t serve justice to the internet marking people (in the main), especially those who lead an authentic online business. Hence the reason why I will bypass supporting the Clickbank University on my Wealthy Affiliate site.

It’s ridiculous for me to pass over my hard-earned traffic, knowing full well Clickbank will create a competing product. From my viewpoint, affiliate networks shouldn’t be using a paid membership to promote their system.

Realistically, the sensible affiliate marketer will never steer traffic toward Clickbank; and, for that matter, legitimately support them in this line of thinking.
None the less, Clickbank is Legit, With a Few Complaints.

It’s now time for an overall assessment of the pros and cons of Clickbank University. There are plenty of positives in Clickbank’s favour, and I will endeavour to touch on those. However, some downsides don’t help Clickbank’s cause.


Affiliate technology is impressive

Affiliate Payment seems to always be on time even though they facilitate a variety of payment methods

Affiliate commissions attract a rather high percentage

A rather expansive network of products

Provide auto-approval on products, and there appears to be no discrimination against new affiliates


A quantity of lower standard products that could be suspect

From my observation, it looks like some countries are not permitted to join the network

Clickbank University is something that they tempt you with as an upsell based on their services

First-time affiliates to the scheme are required to earn a commission from at least five countries before they receive a payment

Overall, it depends on what you want to promote and what you believe to be attached to that given audience.

If Clickbank has a specific product/service that fits well with your promotional goals? Wouldn’t you give Clickbank a shot at answering your potential aspirations?

I feel confident that I have revealed clarity regarding ClickBank University, and that Clickbank is a LEGIT affiliate network, with some traits.

Any stories you have, or if you have any questions about the legitimacy of ClickBank University in the main, I would be more than happy to help you out. I will appreciate your input.

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