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Cosmetic companies are becoming more and more popular, and are shooting up in large numbers globally, with the MLM industry seemingly, to be leading the way. The cosmetics industry has developed into an evergreen business, motivated by both women and men, who regularly spend lots of money on makeup to enhance their appearance. Most, MLM companies, manufacture and distribute their products, using the MLM platform, for tapping into a large network of distributors, as a means of promoting and selling. Also, it avails a source of income for people to earn some money in their spare time. The SenGence company has been around for over 20 years and is a multi-level marketing company. In this SeneGence business opportunity MLM review, I’ll look at the business model, products and uncover the business opportunity and reveal the possibility of whether it’s right for you.

What is SeneGence Business Opportunity?

SeneGence International, is a privately owned MLM ( multi-level-marketing) company, selling makeup and

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skincare products, that also includes the LipSense Line—founded by Joni Rogers-Kante in 1999, who also is the CEO and Chairwoman.

SeneGence headquarters are in California. Rogers established SeneGence by raising sufficient funds selling long-lasting lip colour product, Ultralux. The Ultralux name has been carried across into the current business model and rebranded as LipSense.

The company reported, in 2016, they had 50,000 distributors in 2018 that had risen to a staggering 500,000, and selling in over 11 countries. Outside of the USA, the CeneGence brand sells into countries that include, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and Italy, with distributors in each of these locations.

Are SeneGence Products Worth Their Price?

The range of products is comprehensive, covering almost every skincare need. Included in their inventory of products are anti-ageing, lips, face, eyes, body, perfumes, spa, and SeneGence for men. That is a, “who’s, who, of cosmetics. Aside from that, they put a lot of care and effort into the anti-ageing category, and it’s any wonder if it does as they suggest it will. SeneGence Anti-Aging Products

There are six Anti-aging packs with each pack being of specific needs to the end-user. For instance, take the Advanced SenePlex+ Renewal Serum with Retinol. They assert that it will supercharge your night-time skin for visible and sustained results for the likes of, wrinkles, sun spots, loss of firmness, and rough texture.

They also claim clinical results, as shown below.






LipScence was the inaugural launching pad for SeneSence and remained their top-tier line, with now offering 45 contrasting colours. Patented as Liquid Lip Colours and according to SeneSence, it’s waterproof, doesn’t smear, rub or budge off, and is kiss-proof; And, while it is on your lips, it will remain moist with a lasting effect somewhere between 4 and 18 hours.

A quick search of ingredients used in the LipSence uncovered several components that can be harmful to the user. Such as,
Propylene Glycol is a compound used in antifreeze, paints and electronic cigarettes, so it is recommended not to be used by women who are pregnant.

Paraben, a preservative used to extend the life of cosmetics, and, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) have found the preservative in breast tumours. With other links to hormone disruption, allergic reactions etc.

The FDA has very little control over the cosmetics industry and has openly stated that the industry is pretty much self-regulated. Below is an abstract from the FDA website.

The SeneGence MLM Business Opportunity

Joining the SeneSence network, there are two options,

choose to be a customer only and buy products at retail price, or become an independent distributor. The distributorship will set you back $55.00, and you will automatically receive a benefit of purchasing products at 20 – 50% off retail prices. It’s also, worthwhile you understand that you’re not an employee of the SeneSence; you are an independent contractor, so all expenses of running your business must be paid by you.

After you have become a distributor, there are a further five options to start fast with your campaign, ranging from $75.00 to $1,195.00 and assuming that you decide to startup with the full kit of products that will set you back a whopping, $1,195.00, plus the initial joining kit, $55.00. So the total outlay would be $1,250.00.

To quickly recover some of your money will give rise to lots of house parties. In essence, that would mean you would need to organise several hosts where you can demonstrate your kit of merchandise and turn that into sales.

Included In Your MLM Opportunity?

The membership includes the following

  • Free personal website. A virtual storefront 24/7
  • Free apps for your mobiles devices
  • Full training and support
  • Your own virtual office
  • Rewards for your business building efforts
  • Weekly profits, wholesale prices to retail sales 20 – 50%
  • The website provides an avenue for earning an income day and night
  • Social media, an optional path to generate additional income if you choose to go down that path. And why wouldn’t you, it’s free and may help to increase sales?

How Much Does It Cost To Join SeneSence?

After you have completed all the necessary paperwork, you are required to purchase the new Distributor Kit (NDK) $55.00. The membership kit is chiefly the privilege of being a member, which by the way is for one year only. So, to remain an active member, you must renew on your anniversary day.

The following is a breakdown of each of the five optional kits.

Lips Pack  $75

the LIPS Kit, designed for one-on-one presentations, including tester products and sample sizes.

Glamour Demo Pack $295

designed especially for group glamour demonstrations including samples and testers.

Qualified Distributor Pack $355

SeneGence Membership Kits

contains a slightly larger range of products than the glamour pack, with samples and testers.

Significant SeneSeller Pack $795

One step below top of the range kit, with a significant range of products.

Fast Start Pack $1,195

The fast start kit is the full range, with lots of products for demonstrations, samples and testers.


Can You Make Money with SeneGence?

Making money with the SeneGence opportunity comes down to you purchasing products at a wholesale price, then on-selling to customers at a retail price. The difference between the two values is your profit margin. The margin will range somewhere between 20% – 50%, depending on the product value and total sales.

Can you make money with SeneGence, will depend on several factors. But, the idea of starting from scratch, suggests that your best starting point will be, by calling on family or friends to arrange house parties and you do the demonstrations, and hopefully make some sales. You can, of course, have one-on-one demos—group settings, which would be much better, as sales opportunities would be that much easier.

SeneGence Potential Earnings


Senegence, like many other MLM networks, will expect you to commence building a downline soon after commencement. Not the perfect world while you are in the learning stages of your business, however, if you can manage both, it will, in effect, allow you to generate extra streams of income, in addition to any of your sales.

When you sponsor a new distributor, and they begin making some sales, you will too, start to earn a commission from their sales. To qualify for any commissions, you will need to meet the sales requirements of at least 100 (PV) when lodging your order within the same calendar month.

How the SeneGence point value (PV) works. An item’s point value is 1/2 of the retail price; for example, 210PV equates to $420 in retail sales. Take a Collagen Night Pak, retails at $85.00, that will give you a 42.5 PV, or the LipSence has a PV of 12.5.

Then there is the third income-generating stream, your website, and social media to promote products. Once your website is operational, it will be working for you 24/7 year-round.


LipSence Long Lasting

By reports from many users, the LipSence appears to have a long-lasting effect, as many are suggesting over 12 hours.

Colour Range

The colour range extends beyond 40 different shades, with three variations of gloss seal, Frost, Matt, and Shimmer.

Ways To Promote And Sell Products

MLM businesses were quick to acknowledge the value of the internet and social media as the best way of spreading the message quickly and efficiently. So, SeneGence in its wisdom, provide distributors with a personal website to be used for product promotion and auto-order taking ability. However, SeneGence recognises the value of social media and encourages distributors to make use of social media, yet, they don’t offer any direct support.

Product Range

The product range is significant and covers all of the skincare range. With such a range of products, there is lots of flexibility for distributors to hone in on one particular section of the market, upskill their knowledge in that area, and buy and sell products for that sector of the market.

Satisfaction Return policy

Senegence offers a 12 month, 100%, money-back guarantee to all customers, and, on all products. However, it’s worth noting; the return policy does attract a 10% administration fee, with the charge left up to the distributor.


Additional Fees Connected To Your Membership 

They include shipping, handling and sales tax. As a distributor, you will be responsible for meeting all cost associated with these items. Shipping fees, for instance, will depend on the size of the order and range from $7.50 up to $40.00. Sales tax, you can have SeneGence pay the taxes on your behalf, or, prepare and submit your details to the appropriate authorities independently. Either way, you will be responsible for paying all tax-related charges. These are direct out of pocket expenses that you need to deduct from your earnings.

Minimum Quota Requirement

You must spend $200 within six months to remain an active distributor. So, if you are struggling with sales, but, you want to stay an active distributor, you are required to log and purchase another order no later than six months from your last order.

Basic To Fast Start Kits

Your membership will cost $55.00, and then you are committed to the purchasing a demonstration kit somewhere between $75.00 and $1195.00. The $75.00 Lip Kit is essential and will get you started. The cheapest fast start kit after that, starts at $295.00, with a further three, $355.00, $795.00 and $1195.00.

LipSence Ingredients

Propylene Glycol found in LipSence may be harmful to users considering it to be a compound used in antifreeze and paints and, is recommended, not to be used by pregnant women. Paraben is another. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) have found the preservative in breast tumours.

BBB Rating

As attested by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), there have been 38 customer complaints in the past three years relating mostly to “Problems with Products/Service”. Also, there are 44 customer reviews with the vast majority dissatisfied with SeneGence, and they all hinge around customer service or lack of it. While others relate to the refund-exchange policy, and, that has resulted in SeneGence receiving an A+ rating, and a 3.5 customer review rating.

Is SeneGence a Scam?

There are a considerable amount of things I don’t particularly like about this company, especially the list of complaints from both customers and distributors. Products seem to be the head of the complaints with not doing as suggested, or they have some side effects that weren’t left unexplained to the customer. For instance, the LipSence has a chemical ingredient (Alcohol), that gives off a slight burning feeling, when first applied. Customers say it’s not painful or uncomfortable, but there is a unique sensation after applying the lipstick.

Those, just starting in the business, may find it rather challenging to make sales, given that the products have an average satisfaction rating amongst customers. That may force you to resort to some underhand selling tactics.

Final Thoughts

MLMs, in general, are complicated in many ways, especially when it comes to making money. They have compensation plans that, at times, are difficult to understand or at least quite tricky in the layout. It’s ironic most will recommend using social media, yet they won’t support it. Seems a little strange when you consider lots of sales happen through the social media network.

You may also be lead to believe that building a downline isn’t all that hard, while that may be true, especially if you have a pool of friends. But not everyone has lots of friends to call on, so it will then be difficult for you to start building a team. Without a team, then, you’re not making much money, if any at all. And, that could prove to be not such a sound investment.

When you consider what commission you earn, versus the money that comes out of your pocket, you may well find that you are not making money at all, you could be in fact, losing money. So, without doing a little research beforehand, and understanding all the bits and pieces that need factoring into your decision making, you might be left disappointed.

If having your own business is your core focus. And looking for an opportunity that will walk you along the path to success, with flexible hours and work from home, check out my #number one recommendation, you’ll have all the tools, and support you need to be dynamic, including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.

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Senegence Business Opportunity MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • Product Range
  • LipSence Long Lasting
  • Satisfaction Return Policy


  • Startup Kits Expensive
  • LipSence Ingredients
  • BBB Rating

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