What Is Affiliate Marketing – Does It Work

The world of affiliate marketing demonstrates lots of scrupulous untruths when that doesn’t need to be the case; And in most instances, these untruths are aligned to the so-called “Experts”. The underlying factor, why they (experts) are there in the first place; is merely to rip as much money off unsuspecting people just like you and me.
In my little piece of facts, I will demonstrate, why affiliate marketing is genuine, and why it does work.

So, stick with me, and we’ll get stuck right into it.

Affiliate Marketing What Is It?

The phase Affiliate Marketing is basically an online referral system where you refer customers to merchants and get paid for sales that your referrals generate.
In almost all instances merchants are usually online retailers who use individuals and/or companies to promote their wares using what is called a referral system; Allowing publishers or affiliates to expand their goods using a blog or the web to refer potential customers to their site.

The Affiliate Marketing Industry Has four Main Components

The Merchant: Better known as the retailer or brand
The Network: Provides offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments
The Publisher: Commonly known as the affiliate
The Customer: The buyers

How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is a connection based between other groups; Namely; The Advertiser-The Publisher – The Customer.
Also, the affiliate network has a significant role to play.

The Advertiser

Advertisers are the merchants, who obviously have products or a service to sell. Therefore, to gain more traction in boosting their sales; Typically, they will use the affiliate marketing network as one of their core mediums of transactions.
Furthermore, with the online marketing platform on steroids, and with a plethora of products available. Advertising goods online have become the most popular form of buying today.

The Affiliate

The Affiliate is the person who is in control of the website, where they control and promote product or service; And, in return, the affiliate earns a commission when a visitor goes on to the merchant’s site and makes a purchase. There are many different types of branches including influencers, bloggers, or loyalty websites and more non-traditional members too, including paid search, on-site tech solutions and remarketing to name a few.

The Consumer

The consumers are the people who buy goods from the advertiser by clicking on the affiliate’s text-link, images or banners. It just depends on the website that they have visited. They then are transferred automatically through to the merchant’s virtual store where they can peruse the merchant’s wares and make a purchase.

How Does The Affiliate System Work?

Affiliates more commonly have a blog where they can promote the merchant’s goods. However, before being able to advertise the preferred merchant’s site, you must seek approval through the network, (i.e.) Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Shareasale and eBay; However there are many others that you can use. But, these are the most preferred by most affiliates.

Affiliates and Advertising

Affiliates quite regularly use advertising methods so to some degree affiliate marketing coincides to an extent with other internet marketing mediums because of the advertising methods used.
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
PPC – Pay Per Click
Email Marketing
Content marketing
Advertising Marketing

On-the-other-hand, some affiliates use a much less conventional technique, which includes publishing reviews of products or services through a partner network only. Platforms of this nature allow an improved flow of communication between merchants and affiliates.

Further-to-that, websites and services are based on the concepts of blogging and interactive online communities through the affiliate marketing world.

Additionally, Web platforms have also opened affiliate marketing opportunities to the personal blogger and writers, including owners of independent websites. Relevant ads permit publishers with lower levels of web traffic to place affiliate advertising on sites.

Media Advertising

Media advertising has also been diversified in the way in which affiliates and companies can advertise to their audience. For instance, one of the most sort after outlets for video advertising is YouTube. This particular outlet permits video makers to embed advertisements through Google’s affiliate network.

Scrupulous Marketers

Improved standards are evolving more recently, have made it that much more difficult for unscrupulous affiliates to make money through false advertising. These emerging scammers are detected and made known to the affiliate marketing community with much higher speed and efficiency. This makes for a much more honest and safe marketing platform for all users.

Affiliate Network What Does It Do?

The affiliate network, in everyday terms, is the clue between the merchant and the affiliate; You could also call them the third link in a three link chain. Predominately, they take the responsibility of tracking all transactions and attaching the correct affiliate to that sale; Besides, the affiliate network provides other useful benefits for both the merchant and member.

Five Great Benefits Using A Network Affiliate

• Tracking, this is all done by the affiliate network. So affiliates have no need to independently keep a log of sales as all tracking and payment is controlled by their system.
• Affiliate payments are usually processed at the end of each month or at the start of the following month, and all commission payments are deposited onto the bank of your choice.
• Should any disputes arise, (however that is highly unlikely) the affiliate network control all such conflicts on behalf of both parties.
• Using an affiliate network has enormous benefits because of the large pool of merchants and brands available. I suppose the best way of me describing it as being a bit like a large marketplace with so much merchandise ready to be promoted. For instance, take Amazon, they have millions of products that affiliates can use in their promotions, with daily sales in the tens of thousands.
• Links are used when you are accepted by the merchant.

What Does Links Mean?

You are provided exclusively, with a personal link connected to your business, and that is the link you use in your post. When the potential customer clicks on the link, they are then automatically attached to you through that link, and if they make a purchase, you receive the commission for the sale.

I suppose to put it in simple terms and to understand better; It is a tracking code where the affiliate network is notified whenever a transaction is generated, and the sale system automatically credits that sale to the particular affiliate.
The tracking code can be used in many different ways; And they consist of, text-links in blog posts, within images or banners, dependent on the website and what you are promoting.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is no different from starting out in a brick and mortar business. You must learn the ropes before starting out. For instance, you will never see a cabinetmaker give a new apprentice the responsibility of doing a complete installation on his own when it’s his very first week on the job.

Affiliate marketing is no different as there are many things to learn before any success will follow. I know, and I hear you saying to yourself, why is it then that some affiliate networks say I will earn commissions within the first week of joining.

Do you really think, if that were the case, that I would be going to all the trouble of writing this post? “NO” not at all. Stories like that are made up by those, “Expert Scammers”, that I eluded to earlier. They are the ones who try and persuade you into believing it’s that easy when in reality it isn’t.

Having been involved within affiliate marketing world for over three years, I believe I’m qualified sufficiently to understand the many pitfalls that lurk around the affiliate industry; And it irks me to see some of the garbage and lies floating around.

Things like: Buy this system, and within a week you’ll be able to tell the boss to shove his job because you are now earning more in one day than he can pay you for a whole week. What a load of dribble.
Mind you it isn’t all doom and gloom, because many good affiliate platforms do operate on a legitimate basis.

If I Want An Affiliate Business Where Do I Go? Where do I Start?
Getting started in the affiliate marketing scene isn’t as complicated as it may seem, even though there is a continual flow of programs which claim to be the best.

A large number of these services, are not even what you would call “Affiliate Marketing” and cannot be trusted.

However, there is a platform called, Wealthy Affiliate, which operates because every member is equal and is treated as such. There is an all-inclusive platform that allows each member to create, grow, and manage their own business at any level online. Benefits include 1000’s of live training classes. Expert support with websites and hosting.

Also the ability to network within excess 1,000,000 members just like yourself. They all help one-and-other because they all have the same prevailing attitude in being successful. In fact, and as far as I know, it is the most significant support forum in the world with the utmost of care.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is an elite platform of which I’m involved with, and it is by far the most suitable affiliate marketing forum ideal for beginners through to the more experienced affiliate marketer. To use a phrase, It’s a bit like the “who’s who” of the networking world; where not only affiliates gather, it’s more like where members manage their businesses; Just as I do. This is a whole platform designed and run for and by affiliates who want to learn affiliate marketing properly.

Furthermore, if you are planning on wanting to learn affiliate marketing with an environment where all the tools and training programs are readily accessible; Then, this site is a must. Click here and check it out.
Additionally, you get websites, website hosting, interacting support with other members who are there to help start and grow your business; And, all under the one roof.

Free Starter Membership

There is the free starter membership, plus a further two group offers available, including the free “Starter” membership. The best way I can describe this incredible platform which has a (try before you buy approach) is an offer nowhere else to be seen. With an advanced Premium option with quite a low per month fee. Click here and see for yourself.

If you are still doubtful, then don’t take my word, take up the “Free Starter Membership”. It’s always good practice to try something before committing yourself to an upfront purchase. There is little or no doubt in my mind, from the beginning and within the first few lessons, you’ll experience all the benefits for yourself.

Moreover, with all the training and coaching that’s available, you’ll go from beginner to an expert within affiliate marketing in no time at all. There is a welcoming video that walks you through the process of affiliate marketing and how affiliate marketing all comes together; And, that is also available to free starter members.

Strongly suggest, check it out for yourself; don’t take my word for it — an opportunity begging your call.

If you have an enquiry about Affiliate Marketing and how does it work, Or you would like to offer up some further advise that you apply in your business. Then please tell me as I will be happy to hear from you, and I recommend that you leave these below.

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