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You can’t see a headline like this, what is blogging all about, without wondering what mindblowing, little-known or unbelievable facts you might be missing if you don’t read on.

Plus, these are facts, why blogging is a necessary component in running your own business? So for all practical purposes, you should know; And, if you don’t, the effect is that you’re woefully working in the dark.

It’s fascinating because it is a question frequently asked by small business owners who don’t have the time or necessary skills to create high-quality content regularly.

Besides if they did know, there’s every chance they won’t have a clue what to write, or what to even write about on the subject.

Those business owners who have developed a thriving business have in large parts used blogging combined with content publication to establish their business.

In most instances the difference is quite visible especially in the use of leads and sales: So, is it any wonder why they invest heavily into the content publication methodology; And, the reason behind it all, because it works and works very well for them.

And do you know what, they started with? “A Blog”, YES, that’s right, a blog.

When companies and large businesses see the value in blogging and rewards gained; the answer is simple, it must work. And, YEP, it does work and very handsomely; Otherwise they wouldn’t be blogging.

Yet it’s stunning, the number of business owners who have heard the term, blog, yet don’t quite grasp what blogging is all about; nor do they have an understanding of what impact it can have on their business.

If you can visualize it like this, blogs are like an online diary or even a journal where the information is stored on your website; And, it consists of writing (text), images (photos) or videos. Not everyone who has a blog, uses it for business, because of many bloggers just like sharing information of a personal nature with a broader community-minded group of people.

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The greatest thing about blogs, you don’t have to have any idea on how to get started; It’s more a matter knowing how to start and where to start; And, that’s why the importance of proper training will set you up, and guide you down the right path toward success.

You’re Still Not Convinced That Blogging Is For You?

In this report, I’ll establish the framework of what to do, and how you can get started with 14 of the great tips of why blogging on your website works.

My Blog, Does It Have To Be Hosted On My Business Website?

If you intend using a blog as part of your online business, then, “YES”, as that will be the core exposure of promoting your online business ventures.

The advantage of using your primary domain that is independent, for example, www.yoursite.com, has distinct benefits to that of using a blogging platform, i.e. businessname.wordpress.com. There are, however, some businesses who don’t have a preference, and I guess it all boils down to simplicity or saving on the cost.

Here Are Fourteen Tips On Website Blogging.

How To Increase Search Engine TrafficThe Real Deal Affiliate

  1. Search engine rankings are mainly based around the amount of content on your website; So the more pages that show up on your domain, the more likely are you of being indexed in the search engines. That improves your visibility, and that will increase visitors to your website.
  2. Simply put, it’s a bit like going fishing the more lines that are in the water then, the higher your chances are of catching a fish, and search engines operate similarly.
  3. In a nutshell, the more pages that are up on your website, the more keywords you’ll be using, and that enhances your chances of getting ranked through those keywords.

Humanize Your Brand

  • Your homepage or about me page don’t carry the same impact to that of personal business content. The idea of a blog is to draw interest by touching on issues that concern your reader and written in a passionate and meaningful way.
  • Blog posts also provide a unique opportunity to build up trust and increase your brand awareness and share your words personally.

Social Media Action

  • Without access to unique, high-quality content, it can be very challenging for you to maintain a presence and be active in the social media arena.
  • Furthermore, it will be that much more challenging to strike a chord on social media without quality information that is relevant and in line with what’s on your blog post.
  • Sharing the content of other peoples on social media is excellent; however, sharing your blogs on the social media is a different scenario, because what leads you generate you will need to be redirecting them to your own site; More traffic flow to your website increases the exposure to your business; And, that leads to more significant outcomes of success.
  • Besides that, blog posts generate ideal content for email newsletters, provided you have an email newsletter; Given that you do, then you’re more than likely wondering what content should go in it.
  • You might think about a top – 5 or so, posts, which highlights the best of, over the past few weeks as an ideal start. Visitors do appreciate a good read; Not only that, you are creating the authority of your website, and that generates trust.

Build An Authority In Your Business

  • Confirm yourself and your brand as being an expert in your field, and a blog is the most appropriate way of doing that. You establish a principle in being able to provide valuable industry-related information and insights in your particular field.
  • The added bonus with this, you are building authority; And, that produces trust.

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  • Visitors don’t forget, and if you have left them with a great experience, the more likely they will go on and buy, or at least keep you in mind when they are ready.


  • Conversions are built around blogs that are engaged, well maintained with fresh content. All too often bloggers will lose sight of the fact that a blog needs regular maintenance for it to remain relevant; And, because they fail to recognize the importance of updating, their site becomes stagnant, and visitors drop off.
  • So, building your brand needs to have top quality content. Otherwise, your conversions will suffer as a result. It is a recognized fact those who place the appropriate prioritizing of blogging are far more likely to increase their conversions consistently.

Back Links

  1. They are links that come from another site that is external to yours, and one of the building blocks for search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. You may have heard the term, “hyperlink”, that’s what a backlink is.
  3. Whenever search engines crawl your site, they look for many different things and backlinks happens to be one of them.
  4. As a result, search engines see multiple, related backlinks to a page as a sign that the content on that page is useful.
  5. The benefit of high-quality backlinks to your site is one of the mainstays of SEO. With that in mind, without a blog, it can be testing to attract valid links to your website.
  6. As you add more and more new content, the accumulation performs as a pool for other bloggers and media, you begin to amass backlinks; And, that’s why backlinks are crucial for SEO.

Long Tail Keywords What Are They?

  • Long-Tailed keywords are three and four keyword phrases that are exact to what you are selling online; And, for that reason, whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for precisely what they are actually going to buy.
  • To put it differently, without a blog, you will have a hard time ranking for long-tail search queries. Generally speaking, it is possible to rank for a business-specific keyword, but not so with highly-specific phrases.

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  • And of course, it goes without saying, content enhances your ranking possibilities for both long-tail keywords and the less common higher-converting keyword phrases.


  1. Generally speaking, the more content that you have on your site, your lead generation will increase significantly. Reviews have re-enforced this, as it has revealed, that the more significant number of pages on your website, the more leads you will get; Whereas, fewer numbers of pages will struggle to generate leads.
  2. In essence, the more blogging that you do, the more chances of creating leads; Not only that, more content means more form submissions, more email opt-ins, more quote requests, and ultimately, more sales.

Encourages A Two Way Discussion

  • The advantage of blogging allows you to have direct communication with customers or potential customers as a two-way dialogue. This hints to visitors that you’re prepared to listen, no matter what the query is; As a result, you are learning more about what your visitor is looking for, and what are their main concerns; that is liquid Gold.
  • Not only that, you have gained some valuable insight as to whatever is on their minds; And, that allows you to structure your content based on what you have uncovered.

Keeping Your Content Fresh

  • This all leads back to content creation; The more times that you add new content, the better you are of being rewarded by Google. Bloggers who continuously add new content are paid, as their site attracts greater visibility from the search engines.

Don’t Oversell

  1. There is nothing worse than writing a captivating headline, only to let yourself down with the content of inferior quality; And, then to add to that, your post isn’t concise, and lacks detail; or, worse still the content doesn’t relate to your headline.
  2. People will turn away in droves never to return. There is nothing wrong with writing a big selling headline; But, make sure that your post delivers what your headline said it will do; Spending the time, and prepare high-quality content, and you’ll bear top results.

Be Specific

  • When people are surfing the internet, they are there for a purpose; therefore, they’re only interested in clicking on what they want to know. There are a couple of approaches that you can apply, such as, being a little vague, or broaden the appeal of your blog. Even though this may seem the right path, but you’ll soon realize that most people will overlook your sight and scroll to the next one.
  • A blog with a specific headline, informs the reader what your blog is all about, and what questions you’re answering and information you’re content will provide; And, if that’s the information the reader wants, they will be in a position to make an informed decision as to whether it’s worth a click-through.

Write Blog Titles for Your Audience

  • Your blog needs to be aimed toward your readers within your targeted niche; So, don’t think that you need a blog to please all, because you’re not writing to everyone on the internet; The only people that matter are those that are interested in your niche.
  • For those who are just starting out, it’s best to start with general knowledge topics or something that you have a thorough understanding about and would feel quite comfortable being able to write content based of your knowledge base.

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  • Naturally, the more blogs that you write, the better you’ll understand what works and what doesn’t; Over time, that will allow you to fine-tune your blogs moving forward.
  • I’ve found over time that writing a blog with my visitors as being the main interest pays off handsomely. I never write a blog or a headline to sound smart, I’m there to try and please my visitors; Just in the same manner, as you should see it, as being no different.
  • The only people that you want responding to your blog title are the ones who you wish to read your blog. Besides, keeping that in mind when deciding which titles you go with; And, you will be successful.

Why Is A Headline Important?

  1. When running a blog as your business, every day, it may seem as if you are learning something different about what to do and how it may impact on the result.
  2. No doubt about it, this is frustrating thinking that you need to spend more time on your-to-do-list concerning titles. After all, it seems to look like as if it’s only being a small piece of your whole blog.
  3. Don’t be fooled, as this is the life-blood of success; That’s right, the success of your blog hinges on a captivating headline.
  4. Work on getting a top headline first, before moving into writing your content. You’ll want the content, you are working on, to be written in a style that is based around your headline; Because, this is a crucial step to take if you want it to pay off.
  5. Use terms where possible that will arouse emotions, such as surprising, exposed, exclusive, uncut, delighted. The idea is to use the right words that will have your visitors super urgent in wanting to go on and read your post; Above all else, and like I said earlier make sure that the headline matches up with your content; And, the material provides valuable information.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to separate your competitors from yourself. Using your own unique insightfulness coupled with your thoughts will allow you to write naturally and gain visitor trust; Ultimately, belief leads to sales and many of them.

It’s a known fact, blogging makes it a level playing field for all bloggers. Besides, that, it offers the small business operator the chance to compete with the big end of town; And the beauty is you are competing without having to spend big money on a low budget.

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What would you add to this list? In your opinion, what do you see as the top benefits of blogging on your website?

I will appreciate your comments as it will help me improve my site for other visitors.

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