What Is Plexus Worldwide – MLM Review

Has direct selling lost all its puff? Crafting a decent income selling products seems to have disappeared. So, can you still earn a respectful income selling them, or not? With this Plexus Worldwide MLM Review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the company, explore the line of products, including the payment plan and establish if Plexus Worldwide is for you.

Who Is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is an MLM business, founded in 2006, by Tarl Robinson and Alfred Petterson. Headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The range of products includes skincare, weight loss, vitamins, protein drinks and bars. And, sold in only three countries, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

The year 2017, estimated revenue was around $562 million. At the time, the company was listed as a top 30 business within the Direct Selling News. Also, believed to be among the highest-ranking companies to work (top 12), with over 7000.000 Ambassadors.


Preferred Customer Program

Product Guarantee 60-Day Money-Back

Redeemable Commissions On Returns


Deceptive Supplement Claims

Product Health Warnings

Consumer Complaints

What Are The Plexus Worldwide Products

As Attested By Plexus, products are at the cutting edge in health science, offering a range that focuses on health and happiness. What’s more, claiming, products are manufactured of the highest quality with zero GMO, gluten-free and vegetarian 100%.

From my research, one of the more famous lines is the weight loss product, Plexus Slim.

The objective with Plexus Slim is to make you feel full,

therefore, eat less food, thus, reducing your food intake.

You drink one serving 30-60 minutes, twice a day, before mealtime.

Are Plexus Worldwide Products Worth Their Price

The Plexus Slim comes in a 30 sachet container. So, each box is equal to a 15-day supply, costing $90, or $180 for a month supply.

The ultimate aim, according to Plexus, is to help users, feel better, improved eating habits. And, while living a quality lifestyle.

Sachet ingredients contain Polydextrose, an appetite suppressant, Chromium Polynicotinate, green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia, citric acid, Stevia, and beetroot extract. Consisting of 20 calories per sachet.

Plexus Worldwide Slim Control

Plus, they have a range of products from, nutrition, weight management, skincare and even vitamins for kids.

There is a substantial price label connected to the full product range, and that could well be a stumbling block. Considering other closely aligned products are available elsewhere. And, so much cheaper.

For instance, Amazon sells a similar 30 packet line, and both the products offer appetite suppression ingredients.

The Amazon product sells at $60 p/m, as opposed to Plexus, $180 p/m. That’s a 66% saving month on month, or $1450 over twelve months. Such are the differences in pricing, it’s easy to see Plexus products are far from being competitive in pricing.

FDA Approval

There is no Certified Approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Plexus range.

Therefore, any health claims relating to the safety and effectiveness of the products have been asserted by Plexus themselves.

What Does ThePlexus Worldwide Opportunity Offer?

Naturally, there will be lots of you reading this review who are passionate vitamin believers. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with that either.

And, with Plexus placing an enormous amount of weight on health, selling their vitamin range could relatively quickly turn out to be a sizable market for you. More significantly, for those who are already vitamin minded savvy.

However, to take advantage of the 25% discount, you first need to become a Plexus Ambassador. Then, you’ll have rights to the discounted privileges, and selling benefits.

None the less that will pose a significant barrier to overcome, considering the high selling price to the customer. Plus, it’s something that requires a level of selling expertise.

I fully understand these products may be exclusive, but that doesn’t take away the fact that other products of a similar, are a lot cheaper. And that is where the Challenge lies no matter which way its viewed.

What Does It Cost To Join Plexus Worldwide?

Signing on with Plexus, you’ll first need to invest in a membership, $39.95, which needs to be renewed annually.

According to Plexus, starter kits, are not compulsory.

So, it gets back to how you view the prospect of not having to purchase a kit of products. However, if you don’t have any product, then you have nothing to sell, and you’re not in a position to earn any money. So in reality, your options are limited, aren’t they?

Starter Packages

From the viewpoint of the packages, let’s take a look. The range starts from $99 – $199, per starter pack, with a choice of 25 different parcels.

Listed as follows, are only a small sample of the various choices available.

Plexus Worldwide Starter packs

After you have chosen your package, you’ll be given a dedicated website for promotional purposes. By then, you’re all good to go.

Monthly Orders

All monthly orders are at wholesale prices, but, failing to log an order month on month, will affect commissions. Because qualifying commissions are only paid to current members, who have submitted an order.

Every MLM business I have reviewed use this type of policy, so it’s best to have the auto-ship option activated.

Auto Shipment

Auto-shipments, however, have many downsides, especially for those finding it tuff getting sales. Because every month a shipment will automatically be sent out to you, and you’ll be billed accordingly.

On the other hand, it will be beneficial for those who are selling plenty of products. Because it removes the worry of missing in placing your order and losing monthly commissions. So, just starting, would require a careful eye on the situation. Otherwise, you could quickly end up with lots of unsold stock. And, be out-of-pocket to a considerable sum of money.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Monthly out-of-pocket expenses are not reimbursed by Plexus. So, that must be deducted from any monthly income, as it will impact the bottom line.

Deductions can be, day to day business expenses, phone calls and travel expenses.

Are You Able To Earn Money With Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus has eight levels of hierarchy, starting with the Ambassador to the highest level Diamond. Mind you getting to the Diamond level will be no mean feat, as significantly few rise to that level.

Plexus Worldwide Ambassador Income Statement

Not suggesting it’s impossible, but, what I’m saying it will require a helluva lot of recruiting and many long and persistent hours if you’re any chance of making it.

Sure there are six other pit stops along the way, and they also offer some generous benefits. So you may find yourself somewhere between bottom and top.

Fast Start Program

If you’re an ambitious type, then the fast start might be right up your alley.

Starting with the 30-Day Challenge

You will earn a $100 bonus sponsoring three new Ambassadors in your first thirty days

Followed By The 60 – 90 Challenge

With the 60 and 90-day challenge, all the products have an associated P.V. (Personal Volume).

So, you’ll need to be acutely aware, you don’t earn any commissions on 0-99 PV.

So, commissions will only kick in after you have reached the milestone of 100 PV and above.

The retail commissions are determined on the following basis:

Earnings $100 to $499.99 are calculated at the rate of 15%, based on remaining P.V. once the first 100 PV has been deducted.

Sales that reach $500 and over will be calculated 25% less the first 100 PV

Below is an example of how it all works and taken from the Plexus compensation plan.

Plexus Compensation Plan


Preferred Customer Program

Establishing a solid core of customers has its benefits, especially with the Preferred Customers Program. Those customers who elect to be part of the program receive a discount on all purchases, and you receive a commission based on their sales.

Product Guarantee 60-Day Money-Back

With a 60-day money-back guarantee, it becomes an enormous selling tool. However, there’s an explicit requirement the customer needs to follow to receive a refund. Provided all the necessary documentation is fully completed, the refund will be automatic. However, refunds will be delayed if the proper process hasn’t been followed.

Redeemable Commissions On Returns

If you have already received the commission for a particular sale and the customer returns the product, then you don’t need to pay back the commission, nor is it deducted from your next commission payment.


Deceptive Supplement Claims

According to tina.org, Plexus has been marketing a combo of supplements for kids. And, as attested by tina, Plexus Ambassadors, in a hasty manner, were selling the products, with claims that it will boost their immune system, and may also help in keeping them virus free.

Product Health Warnings

As claimed by a Californian not-for-profit business, which places its full focus at the misuse of hazardous and toxic chemicals. Has lodged a lawsuit, alleging that Plexus failed in its duty of care by failing to clearly warn consumers that the 96 Protein Go-Pack Chocolate and Fast Relief were found to contain lead.

As attested by the plaintiff, Plexus was warned by the Environmental Research Center about claims that the products being safe and beneficial. Even though, Plexus was fully aware of lead in the Covered Products. They, instead, chose to ignore the warning by failing to address the issue.

Consumer Complaints

The alarming number of complaints lodged with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), against Plexus is staggering more than 800 in fact. What’s more concerning over three quarters were from consumers who claimed Plexus consistently charged them for unwanted shipments.

Plexus Worldwide FTC Complaints

They included things like lack of customer service, poor handling of shipment cancellation, among many others, and requests repeatedly ignored.

More damming was that Plexus refused to honour their money-back guarantee, even though consumers had experienced an adverse reaction, or the product didn’t do as specified.

Plexus Ambassadors

There were also, lots of complaints lodged with the FTC by Ambassadors regarding product return and refunds. Plexus claimed, because they were Ambassadors to the company, their product return time frame was much shorter than that of customers. But, when trying to return products, they too experienced the same problem as customers, in not being able to contact the customer service.

Ambassador Income

If you were to take notice of all social media banter, then you would have good reason to believe that earning a sustainable income selling Plexus products is real.

But, in truth, it’s a different story: the only thing that is a fact, your dream of becoming financially secure won’t happen.

Plexus Worldwide Ambassador Income Statement

Figures disclose, less than one per cent of Ambassadors reach the six-figure bracket. The company disclosure statement identifies that over three quarters earn less than $500 p.a. More revealing, it says that 99 per cent earn less than the average U.S. income of $28,500.

Is Plexus A Scam

Plexus has a most unusual commission scale, something that I’ve never come across before. Such as, to qualify, and before you earn anything for yourself, you must sell enough products to reach 100 PV.

That is significant, especially for those just starting.

I deem this tactic irregular and highly unfair. You’ve put every effort into selling but just fall short of the cutoff, and you earn a zilch commission.

Come on, give me a break. It’s gotta be worth something, surely to goodness.

Just the same, Plexus isn’t a scam, but, appears to regularly come under the microscope of the regulators.

Plexus Worldwide Is It A Scam

Something else that I have noticed, Plexus claim so long as you pay the yearly membership you’re not forced to buy products.

So, Plexus, if I don’t have any items, then what am I going to sell.

Blind Freddy knows that customers like to see, feel, smell and try out the products before committing to a purchase. So, YES, you do need a bag of products.

Another thing, potential customers are very savvy these days, about allergic reaction. So, they like to read up on what ingredients have been used.

Final Thoughts

Plexus is an MLM business where those at the top benefit most while others at the bottom struggle. And, many negatives suggest, Plexus may not be the most ideal work from home option available. Customer complaints support my theory.

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Plexus Worldwide Call To Action

What Is Plexus Worldwide - MLM Review






Quality Overall



  • Preferred Customer Program
  • Product Guarantee 60-Day Money-Back
  • Redeemable Commissions On returns


  • Deceptive Supplement Claims
  • Product Health Warnings
  • Consumer Complaints

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